Deprotect is a program that 'deprotects' Warcraft III maps that have been otherwise protected via programs such as Heavy Locker or Extprotect. It was made so that people who want to learn from maps may do so, but also made sure that people cannot steal credit for work they haven't done.

Deprotect is no longer being developed, but you can download the latest version here. Regrettably, I cannot offer any additional support than what is already included in the zip file as this project is over a decade old. I can no longer even re-compile it since I no longer have the source, on top of the fact that the state of map protection I'm sure has long since evolved.

Deprotect had a great run — over a million unique downloads from this site alone during its lifetime — but it's time to look forward to the future. To stay in touch with my future developments, follow me on facebook and twitter.

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